The Hunger Games
Добре дошъл/а в The Hunger Games BG!
В момента преглеждаш форума като гост, което ти дава ограничено право за разглеждане на повечето ни дискусии и достъп до екстри, които форума позволява.
С присъединяването си към нас, ще можеш да пускаш теми, да имаш лична коренспонденция с други потребители, да гласуваш в анкети.
Регистрацията е бърза и лесна, така че какво чакаш....
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ПисанеЗаглавие: WHEN CHARLIE MCBUTTON LOST POWER   Съб Май 22, 2010 11:28 am

"A clever, humorous story in rhyme. Charlie's techno-driven world comes to a crashing halt when a thunderstorm causes a power outage. His mother advises, "You'll have to find something without plugs to play./​Read a book!/​Clean your room!/​Sing a song!/​Model clay!" Uninspired, Charlie finally remembers an old handheld video game, but the battery is missing. Desperate, he steals one from his sister's talking doll and ends up in the time-out chair. Feeling remorseful when the little girl starts crying, he seeks her out and the two have a grand time playing games and pretending to be dragons and wizards. When the power returns, Charlie is ready to retreat to his "handsets and bots" but decides that it might be fun to spend some time with his sister as well. The hilarious cartoon illustrations are bold and appealing and depict the siblings' many emotions with exaggerated clarity. While the mother appears only as a hand patting her panicked son's head, the family dog is usually present, patiently enduring a hose-down from little Isabel Jane or angrily reproving Charlie for hurting her feelings. Pair this tale with Glenn McCoy's Penny Lee and Her TV (Hyperion, 2002) for a fun storytime during 'TV Turnoff Week.'"--School Library Journal

"Charlie loves computer games so much, he never plays with anything else - so when the power goes out, he's really in the dark. His desperate search for batteries involves his sister's toys and some nasty behavior before he settles down to realize what's truly important in his life. Deftly written by Suzanne Collins and nicely illustrated by Mike Lester, When Charlie McButton Lost Power is refreshingly original and moving!" --Midwest Book Review

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: WHEN CHARLIE MCBUTTON LOST POWER   Пон Сеп 27, 2010 6:44 pm

С удоволствие ще очакваме!
А някой знае ли дали ще се превеждат-фен или издателство?!
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